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Fear Versus Faith

Life presents itself like an arena where wars are fought. The enemy often invisible. The defense that we have may be weak and the aspect of winning being almost impossible. There is often a lot on the line. Most of the times individuals taken on to playing it safe. They think that other individuals are in a better position than them to deal with those matters. They term them as legends. The fact that they are so oblivious of may be that these people are often faced by similar concerns but have chosen to face them rather than back away. They have taken charge of their lives and taken a stand. They have made it there mission to die trying . That becomes their transformation basis and their guide as they navigate through the harsh waters of life. At the end they become victorious and everyone cheers their progress and gives them labels.

The real issue is not celebrating our brothers but ensuring that we embark on our paths as well . Many individuals that have their own businesses can attest to the strain involved. Those that are working as staff may find themselves thinking that the self employed that the other side is greener. The impression may not be as black and white as it seems. For one’s life to assume any gllitter it has to have passed through the hard school of life. Having an honest analysis of yourself is the way to go. The destination that you want to arrive at must be at the bank of your mind. If this fact is neglected one may find themselves quitting since they had no destination in the first place.

Fear in itself is not real but a magnifying glass. It makes a pond seem like an ocean . We may not be able to do anything about fear but there is always someway around it. Focusing on that which we want to achieve rather than that which we can see will come in handy. The very act of making this decision will allow us to make the progress that we very much aspire.

Faith forms the basis of every solution. Faith breathes life to the very dreams that we may have. Our thoughts become very significant at this stage. While our minds may not always register encouraging thoughts holding on to the promise that the situation will bring forth something good can be imparted. The mind is powerful and can sustain our ambitions to get to the destination we have in mind and it requires constant affirmation.